Wargaming Holidays

Tabletop wargaming without equal

Looking for a weekend away, combining the best aspects of your favourite hobby with the finest food and accomodation?

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Your favourite hobby

Wargaming Holidays is about taking your favourite hobby to the next level. We put on massive tabletop wargames that last through the weekend, with all models, rules, accommodation and catering included, all that you need to do is turn up! Wargaming Holidays is dedicated to bringing you the best tabletop wargaming experience you'll find.

With our focus being on the story and narrative of each re-enactment, you'll appreciate the amount of research and attention to detail that has gone into every game. Whether that be looking at topographical maps for the flow of hills or diving into soldier reports to provide accurate objectives and briefings - Our games will immerse you in the moment like never before.
Each game will consist of hundreds of pre-painted figures for you and your teammates to choose from

Games made for all levels

Each battle has been painstakingly built from scratch, each tree accurately placed, each river poured and each soldier and weapon modelled on those used within the battle.

With participants coming from all over the world, you'll be in good company as you co-ordinate and communicate with each other throughout the weekend. From asking for assistance here or providing a key cavalry charge there - Each moment and playthrough will be as different as the people you play with.

We believe the moments away from the table are often as memorable as the moments at the table. That's why each event is both fully catered and hosted at carefully selected hotels - Giving you more time to get to know your teammates and the players you're against.
With all figures, rules and playing accessories provided, Wargaming Holidays will allow you to step out of your busy routine and into the hobby you enjoy

After all, creating relaxed, fun and professional games is what we are all about

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Whether experienced in tabletop wargaming, history or a novice to both, Wargaming Holidays will provide you with experiences that capture the imagination whilst engaging you and your teammates in moments of strategy
Wargaming Holidays is a small team with a mighty plan.

Located in Bournemouth Dorset, Wargaming Holidays is surrounded by history: From the Viking Invasion to World War 2, Dorset has had a hand in it all. This rich tapestry of time has given us the inspiration to bring history to life. With decades of experience playing, creating and running wargaming experiences, Wargaming Holidays is the perfect group to bring the creative and tactical nuances of Tabletop Wargaming to you.

As a family business, we are focused on the personal stories we create with each other as participants, whether through highs of victory or the lows of vicious dice rolls. This is why all of our events are fully catered and accomodated, allowing you to simply play and relax with fellow participants throughout the day and long into the evening.

The catering and accomodation has been carefully selected so that we can offer you not only the most competative prices but also, the best array of catering options - We are proud to say that we can cater for any dietry requirement, ensuring you never feel left out of the themed dinners and lunches.