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Introducing: The 24th Lancers

The 24th Lancers was a cavalry regiment that served within the British Forces, whilst created in 1940, it would end up being dissolved due to casualties in July of 1944. Such was the intensity of the battles they faced, between D-Day and the end of July (7 weeks~) the 24th Lancers lost 41 officers and men and over 100 wounded or missing.

The 24th Lancers was a cavalry regiment created in 1940 and served until the end of July 1944. During D-Day, it was assigned to the 8th Armoured Brigade which supported the 50th Northumbrian Infantry Division. Together they landed on Gold Beach and made their way inland, tasked with helping to capture Caen and the surrounding area. 

Sherman Firefly

The 24th Lancers used yellow markings to signify their regiment, including the iconic orange fox symbol of the 8th Armoured.

The 24th Lancers were equipped with sherman tanks, creating a platoon of three Sherman MkVs armed with a 76mm gun and a single Sherman MkV Firefly armed with the famous 17 pounder gun. 

By the time we see action at Tilly-Sur-Seulles, the 24th Lancers had already seen action around Villers Bocage but were reassigned to help the 8th Durham Light Infantry advance towards Saint Pierre.

24th Lancer Tanks

Sherman Tank Troops were typically made up of 3 regular Sherman tanks and a single Sherman Firefly; a Sherman armed with a devastating 17 Pounder gun, ideal for taking out that heavy German armour!

During the battle of Saint Pierre, A Squadron was assigned to help lead the assault into the hamlet and participants of our Tilly-Sur-Seulles campaign weekend will get to utilise those very vehicles!

The 24th Lancers performed above and beyond what was expected of them as they helped cover the infantry whilst they defended Saint Pierre and subsequently pulled back to secure positions.

The Arms of Service markings for the 24th Lancers were the numbers 995 inside a red box with a white line running along the bottom. 

Unfortunately, the subsequent battles would prove costly and the regiment would have to be disbanded but certainly not forgotten! 

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