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Launch Weekend Event Announcement

 If you've been watching our social media posts with even the barest of interest you would see a whole slew of updates as we progress towards launching our first event.

We've shown you finished miniatures, updated you on our research process and given you behind the scene glimpses into how we have built the table. 

Whilst we have been making a huge amount of noise on our social media, we've been pretty quiet when it came to officially announcing any sort of launch date. 


When we started in February last year, we actually expected this project to take just over 6 months, well 12 months later and we're nearly there! 

In fact we were so sure we would be done by Christmas 2019, we spent quite a lot of time working hard to produce informative articles, newsletter posts and even invited industry professionals to a launch weekend on the 13th December! 

Unfortunately , this used up more time than we expected and due to a series of events had to make the decision to push back our launch; stop making articles and focus on painting soldiers, glueing buildings and playing some practice games. 


After all, we're here to create Wargaming Holidays! 

So we looked at how to keep you up to date but with less investment in our time and decided to create an Instagram page. Having never dipped our toes in Instagram, we had a few things to learn.

But! We quickly figured out how to use hash tags seriously rather than ironically and immediately begun throwing images up. Check it out here.

And boy did it explode! We've always been really proud of the quality of our images and it turns out you are too! We quickly gained more followers than we anticipated and have had some genuinely rewarding interactions with you all.

It's been #LifeChanging. 

When is our launch weekend? 

When we came to the decision to push back our launch weekend, we took a look at what was left to make and decided we needed a few months to be safe. 

Initially we picked the middle of April only to realise that we had picked the same day as SALUTE! We slapped ourselves silly, got back in touch with our venue and decided on the 3rd April to the 5th April 2020 as our launch. #ThePressureIsOnNow

What is our launch weekend? 

We knew our launch weekend had to be something different, something more than just a "We're open!" sign on the front door. We wanted to get across what made Wargaming Holidays so special. 

We've always wanted Wargaming Holidays to be more than just a game. Whilst you will join us for an amazing wargaming experience that is both intuitive for new players and strategic enough for even the most experienced players to be challenged; the real magic happens in between games. 


The social aspect of Wargaming is one of our favourite aspects of the hobby; the playful rivalries, the relaxed introductions and the kinship that can be found in mutual interests. These are the things that really matter to us. 

Sitting down for lunch, dinner and even a few drinks after is where we remember the good, bad and the ugly; and where our games of pushing toy soldiers around a table become real. 

It's also something easier shown than told. 

So we decided to put our money where our mouth is and invite a slew of industry leaders to a weekend event for free. After the event they would then tell you of their experiences, for better or worse, so that they can show you what you'll come to expect from us. We'll also be sure to pick their brains and get some valuable insights! 

So with as much pomp and fanfare as possible we'd like to introduce the participants for our first event:

Wargames Illustrated,
The Terrain Tutor,
Charlie Foxtrot Models,
Miniature Wargame,
and My Dad.

What a venerable list! When we first started to invite people, we had to first overcome our initial fears and thoughts of 'Who the heck are we to ask such of these people?'.

Well, believe you me when I say that the response we had was incredible. The enthusiasm just poured out and we felt both welcomed to the hobby and justified in our place. Overall, we couldn't be happier with those willing to put their faith in us and cannot wait to meet them in person come April. 

You might also look at that list and think my Dad might to be an odd addition but he'll prove to everyone that we really can teach anyone how to play regardless of skill (Even though we've played dozens of games, he can never remember the blooming rules!). 

What happens now? 

Business as usual!

We are going to continue doing everything we can to get the table ready as the weeks continue. Looking forward, February and March are looking pretty busy right now but we honestly cannot wait to start finishing bits off!

We'll also be adding some new pages to our website in anticipation for allowing you to purchase tickets for future event (Remember tickets go on sale for those subscribed to our newsletter first as a thankyou!). 

So keep an eye out and await further instructions!

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